Please don’t allow the Village Planning Department to forcibly develop the Hickory/Kensington Area.

    • The establishment of a TIF District in the Hickory Kensington Area allows the Village to exercise eminent domain.  This could forcibly displace businesses that have been in the area decades.
    • Worse yet, some of these businesses would be forced to close.
    • Millions of taxpayer dollars that could be used to fund schools, police and fire stations instead will be used entice developers to build in this area.
    • A spike in population could overcrowd our schools….which will not see the benefit of any increased tax revenue due to the TIF district.
    • A glut of homes in such a small area could lower the value of your home.  The housing market is just starting to bounce back in this area.  Your home values could plummet again.
    • We already have several empty commercial spaces in downtown Arlington Heights.  The new TIF District would only exacerbate this problem.  We will just have more empty stores!
    • Please do not allow the Village Planning Department to forcefully develop an area that would naturally develop on its own over time.  Don’t let them use your hard earned dollars to do it!

    We ask that you sign the petition to let your Village Trustees know that you are opposed to the proposed Hickory/Kensington TIF District.

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    The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


    Vote No!!


    Must save Heller Lumber. It is a historical landmark.


    Solve the problems we already have, ease don't create new ones.


    This area is already too crowded.


    Arlington Heights, don't be so greedy! What is wrong with you?


    This area has several viable businesses that service and support the community.  The impact the owners' and their employees' livelihoods would be extreme.  Please let the owners decide the best use of the properties they've worked so hard to earn.


    NO to the TIF Plan!!


    A study from 2 Economics professors at the University of Chicago and Lake Forest College showed that Illinois communities with TIF districts “grew substantially slower than non-adopters.”


    I do NOT want a TIF district created in the Hickory/Kensington Area. NO!


    TIF ruined downtown, ruined Loehman Plaza. Waste of money. Leave things alone and they'll get better. We don't need TIF districts that benefit only the rich and displace and destroy our history.


    Overloading schools is a huge concern.  Windsor school has already redistricted once since we've lived here only to overcrowd the schools where with redirected students.


    The petition says it all quite rightly.


    We have plenty of locations on which to focus development.  This area has economic drivers and the local businesses in the area have been a strength to the village and should be allowed to continue so.

    Jane B.



    I have been shopping at Heller for about 3 decades now.  If you shutter one of the last quality lumber yards in the area you are also condeming me to shop at inferior big box stores.  Instead of closing them, you should make them a landmark.


    DO NOT TOUCH these businesses. It will be the biggest mistake ever.


    I am a former Arlington Heights resident.  I continue to use the businesses that are currently in the district.  I would hate to see them forced out or worse yet closed.  It's horrid to force these businesses out and threaten so many good citizens livelihood.


    We need to take the appropriate steps to fill the stores we have downtown and avoidin overcrowding out schools. This doesn't make sense!


    No TIF for Hickory/Kensington!


    I oppose this TIF district.


    This is aweful. The abuse of imminent domain is one of the most anti free market tools. Unfortunately a city planner thinks they know better than what the free market has decided over many decades.

    (Resident of Arlington Heights for 25yrs)

    To whom it may concern I would just like to again state my thoughts on the 20 year plan for the area mentioned above. I think the village to respect the business that are there and when they want to sell then have a developer buy their place and building a new business. I real do not see a need for another big apartment building. We have plenty in and around the area and lots of vacant business buildings. Having another if district at this time seem unwise as the state funding for the school district may drop. That and a TIF District could cause a shortage of funds and result in a tax increase which we do not need. Older residents already have trouble with taxes. If developers wants to build they should pay, not the residents. If sewers need fixing, that is a village problem. Without adding a large apartment complex the problem would not be as bad. I am sorry that the village did not survey the surrounding area for ideas about the plan before drawing up their version. I do not think the area is blighted and think it is unfair to move or close business that have been part of Arlington for years just to suit your plan. I hope you will reconsider some the plan.

    (Resident of Arlington Heights for 47yrs)

    A TIF for this area would not be in the best interests of the Village..


    I thought the village of Arlington Heights learned their lesson with the Arlington Market development over the past ten? years.  It still looks incomplete.  What gives a municipality the right of eminent  domain to displace businesses who have provided a tax base for decades and assume a redistriicting of this area is warranted.  Look at Barrington and Lake Zurich's success.  Forget it.


    I don' believe you should go forward with this proposed site.


    I am very opposed to this action.


    I grew up in Arlington Heights my whole life and would hate to see this beautiful area taken over by new development. Some of the surrounding businesses have been around for 40+ years. If anyone needs to move, it's not them, but the housing community next to Miner.


    Time to stop TIFs in downtowns


    I went to the first meeting and voiced my opinion and told them they should have talked to the community and that we do not need another apartment bldg. I told them it was no fair to ask businesses to move just to appease there ideas. They did not seem to care.


    TIFs in Arlington Heights do not work. TIF by Golf and Arlington Hts Rd would have failed if not extended for another 12 yrs. TIF by Rand Rd & Palatine Rd is no better, 1/2 the stores are still vacant.